COVID-19 Information Centre

     COVID-19 Assessment Clinics: Guelph, Fergus & Orangeville
     Online Portal for COVID-19 Lab Test Results
     Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph COVID-19 Vaccine Information
     COVID-19 Vaccines (Government of Canada)
     Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health   -  COVID-19 Information
     Tracking Cases at Schools/Daycares
     COVID Levels in Ontario - by Region
     Public Health Agency of Canada
     Why we Test for COVID-19 and Where to Go
     How to Self-Isolate
     How to Self-Monitor
     List of Community Supports During COVID-19
     COVID-19 and Food Safety
     Keeping each other safe

     Take 15 mins Just For You   (CMHA)
     BounceBack Ontario  (CMHA)
     Keeping each other safe!
     10 things you can do to reduce stress, worry and anxiety
     Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook - The Wellness Society 
     Talking to your Anxious Child about COVID-19  -  Tips for Parents and Caregivers
     Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus
     Resiliency during the COVID-19 Outbreak 
     Strategies on curbing worry and relaxation techniques
     East Wellington Community Services - Who do I call if ...
     Waterloo-Wellington Self-Management - Free Online Resources
     Substance Use and COVID-19
     Simple and Delicious Meal Prep
     COVID-19 and Food Safety
     COVID-19 and Comfort Food
     Pantry Foods to Have on Hand
     COVID-19 Information on Fresh Produce
     Myths and Facts on COVID-19
     Bottlefeeding During COVID-19
     Breastfeeding During COVID-19
     Virtual Classes:  Nutrition and Mental Health during COVID-19 (Hamilton FHT)
     Tips for nutrition and hydration while recovering from COVID-19
     Nutrition and hydration tips for you as you recover from COVID-19