COVID-19 Information Centre

     COVID-19 Assessment Clinics: Guelph, Fergus & Orangeville
     Online Portal for COVID-19 Lab Test Results
     Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph COVID-19 Vaccine Information
     COVID-19 Vaccines (Government of Canada)
     Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health   -  COVID-19 Information
     Tracking Cases at Schools/Daycares
     COVID Levels in Ontario - by Region
     Public Health Agency of Canada
     Why we Test for COVID-19 and Where to Go
     How to Self-Isolate
     How to Self-Monitor
     List of Community Supports During COVID-19
     COVID-19 and Food Safety
     Keeping each other safe

     Keeping each other safe!
     10 things you can do to reduce stress, worry and anxiety
     Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook - The Wellness Society 
     Talking to your Anxious Child about COVID-19  -  Tips for Parents and Caregivers
     Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus
     Resiliency during the COVID-19 Outbreak 
     Strategies on curbing worry and relaxation techniques
     East Wellington Community Services - Who do I call if ...
     Waterloo-Wellington Self-Management - Free Online Resources
     Substance Use and COVID-19
     Simple and Delicious Meal Prep
     COVID-19 and Food Safety
     COVID-19 and Comfort Food
     Pantry Foods to Have on Hand
     COVID-19 Information on Fresh Produce
     Myths and Facts on COVID-19
     Bottlefeeding During COVID-19
     Breastfeeding During COVID-19
     Virtual Classes:  Nutrition and Mental Health during COVID-19 (Hamilton FHT)
     Tips for nutrition and hydration while recovering from COVID-19
     Nutrition and hydration tips for you as you recover from COVID-19