Clinic Hours During COVID-19 Pandemic

 Erin Clinic  519-833-9396
 Rockwood Clinic  519-856-4611

When calling to book an appointment, please have your calendar ready!    

Hours of Operation

Location Previous weekMon
11th Oct
12th Oct
13th Oct
14th Oct
15th Oct
Next week
Erin Clinic
9am - 4:30pm
9am - 8pm
9am - 4:30pm
9am - 4:30pm
Rockwood Clinic
9am - 8pm
9am - 4:30pm
9am - 4:30pm
9am - 4:30pm

Phones are open from 9 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri, except between 1 pm - 2 pm

During evening clinic hours, phones are open from 5 pm - 7:30 pm

NEED TO CANCEL?   If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please call 24 hrs ahead, if possible, so we can offer your appointment time to another patient.  Patients can call either the Erin clinic 519-833-9396 or the Rockwood clinic 519-856-4611: select option 3 to leave a message, or, if during business hours, option 4 to speak to staff to reschedule.  

Fees and Services Not Covered by OHIP

While most of the health care services we provide are covered by OHIP, the following is a list of services and fees that are not covered.  These charges are established by the Ontario Medical Association and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Sick notes for work and the copy/transfer of medical records are examples of these types of uninsured services. Providing these services requires time and resources and there is a cost for this.

Please be aware of the following most common costs which will be charged before the service is provided

Patient Pays

Forms and Notes
Disability Tax Credit Certificate $75
Form - 1 page (1 week) $30
Form - more than 1 page Doctor will determine
    Rush Premium $20-$50 
Foster Parent Application  $60
Full Examination and form $175  
Notes (2 business days) $20 
     Rush Premium  $10
School/Daycare/Camp Forms and examination $75

Consultation and Visit Fees

Blood Work for Non OHIP Procedures $25 
Cryotherapy (for uninsured use) $25
Patient-conducted interview of doctor $95
Removal of Skin Lesions:
·         for one skin lesion $65
·         for two skin lesions $80
·         for three skin lesions  $120
Travel Assessment/Rx  $40
Travel Injection     $15
Travel Prescription $20

Other Fees

Invalid/Expired Health Card (per visit)  $45-$150
Missed Appointments (15 minutes)  $25
Missed Appointments (30 minutes)  $50
NSF cheques  $25
Transfer of Records (CD - per person)  $45
Transfer of Records (CD - family of 3 or more)  $85

(ie. Insurance Co., Lawyer or Government)

APS Life Insurability Form  $135
CPP Disability Form  $85
Legal Letters/Review of Chart $80/15min
OCF-18 Treatment Plan $144.20
OCF-19 Catastrophic Impairment  $118.30
OCF-23 Treatment Confirmation $143.05
OCF-3 Disability Certificate $144.20
Photocopy (legal OMA) $30 (1-20 pages)

Free Services

Birth Certificate Applications
CCAC Day Programs
Disabled Parking Applications
Hearing Device Applications
Immunization Summaries
Please note that some costs have been rounded – revised Nov 30, 2020

Health Card FAQs

Please bring your valid health card with you to every appointment.
You will be asked to present it when checking in with the receptionist. 
Why do I need a Health Card?
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Helpful Links/Additional Information

What if my health card is lost or stolen?
If your health card is lost, stolen or damaged please call the Sevice Ontario INFOline at 1-866-532-3161.
What if I've moved or changed my name?
You are required by law to inform the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care if you change your address.  If your address has changed, visit or call your local OHIP office or Service Ontario sites.  Please refer to the ministry website at for more options.

If the information shown on your health card has changed (e.g., change of name) you can visit your local Service Ontario Site.

What do I do when my health card expires?
When your health card expires you will need to visit Service Ontario to have your card updated.  When you receive your new card please bring it to your next visit so that the receptionist can update your information in our medical records.

OHIP: Frequently Asked Questions:      
Apply for OHIP and get a health card:   
You need to visit a Service Ontario Centre if:


Illustration of drug container with pillsFor prescription repeats

Children Under 25:

Saturday Urgent Care - for EWFHT patients only

East Wellington FHT offers Saturday appointments throughout the year. Please note the following restrictions:

Only for EWFHT patients with URGENT medical concerns
By appointment only – this is NOT a walk-in clinic
Must call for an appointment on the day of the clinic
Patients can be seen at either clinic
Narcotic medications will not be prescribed or renewed

For non-urgent patient concerns i.e.: test results or follow-ups, please make an appointment with your family physician.

Phones open at 8:30 am.

Appointments are from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions these urgent care clinics are virtual (by phone or video) until further notice.

Call:  519-833-9396 Call:  519-856-4611
6 Thompson Cr., Unit 1 175 Alma St., Unit A
2-Oct-2021 16-Oct-2021
23-Oct-2021 30-Oct-2021
6-Nov-2021 13-Nov-2021
20-Nov-2021 27-Nov-2021
4-Dec-2021 11-Dec-2021

Community Walk-In Clinics

Patients should CALL PRIOR to confirm accuracy of this list and clinic hours.

Arkel Walk-in 403 Arkel Rd, Guelph 519-822-7841
Guelph Walk-in Medical Clinic Guelph - Gordon St 519-265-6400
Walmart Walk-in Clinic Stone Road, Guelph 519-780-8585
Guelph Walk-in Medical Clinic  105 Silvercreek Pkwy N, Guelph 519-822-9363
Guelph Walk-in Medical Clinic Gordon Street, Guelph 519-265-6400
Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre 175 Chancellors Way, Guelph 519-837-1198
Fergus Walk-in Medical (in Walmart) 801 St David St N, Fergus 519-787-2940
Fifth Ave Walk-in Clinic 50 Rolling Hills Dr, Orangeville 519-942-0040
Headwaters Walk-in 170 Lakeview Crt, Unit 2, Orangeville 519-307-1201
Genesis Walk-in and Family Clinic 221 Miller Dr #8, Georgetown 905-873-6776
Walk-in Clinic Downtown Georgetown 83 Mill St, Suite 102, Georgetown 905-877-4111
Walk-in Clinic & IDA Pharmacy 156 Guelph Street #4, Georgetown 905-873-8880
Alpha Care Medical Walk-in 310 Guelph St, Georgetown 905-877-2220
Acton Medical & Urgent Care 10 Eastern Ave, Acton 519-853-9997

Emergency Departments

Georgetown District Hospital 1 Princess Anne Drive, Georgetown 905-873-0111
Groves Memorial Community Hospital   141 Frederick Campbell Street, Fergus 519-843-2010
Guelph General Hospital 115 Delhi Street, Guelph 519-822-5350
Headwaters Health Care Centre 100 Rolling Hills Drive, Orangeville 519-941-2410


Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential, 24-hour telephone service you can call to get health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse. (Have your health card ready, but not required.) Call 1-866-797-0000

Speak online with a doctor:

     Tia Health                   

     Cover Health                      

     See the Doctor       


Please note: EWFHT does not endorse the above telemedicine organizations, but only intends to offer options to our patients to investigate and consult with at their own discretion in time of need, when they are unable to be seen by their EWFHT physician.  These services should by no means replace the care provided to you by your family physician. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for all patients and staff. Words or actions that make others feel threatened will not be tolerated and decisive action will be taken to protect patients and staff.

Disruptive Behaviour

The East Wellington Family Health Team considers the use of inappropriate words, actions or inactions as disruptive behaviour.

Inappropriate Actions/Inactions:

Inappropriate Words (in person, by phone or any other means of communication):

Immediate action will be taken when the incidents described above occur.