Online Booking

Please call the office for each of the following types of appointments as they require special types of bookings:

                Driver’s physicals and personal health visits
                Well baby or well child checks
                Diabetes visits
                Pap test or IUDs
                Prenatal or postnatal appointments
                Lesion removals

Please consider that sometimes you may not need an appointment:

                - If you have a question or need a note or form, please just call or message us about this, and
                - If you need a prescription refilled, please contact your pharmacy.

Click your doctor's name to book a PHONE or VIDEO VISIT online.

If you do not find a convenient appointment, please call the clinic.

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       DR. RABIA KHAN 





        DR. LAURA DALY





  What to expect for a TELUS video visit with your doctor:

  You will receive an email approx 48 hrs in advance of your appointment, or within just a few minutes of your     appointment being booked if your appointment is less than 48 hrs ahead.   

  The email is sent from:  <>

   “Test your connection” (2:27 mins):               (purple button below)

   The email will look like this:


Patient OTN Video Visit Instructions

1. You will receive an email (OTN No Reply) inviting you to join an eVisit and it steps you through the process.

2. If it is your first time doing an eVisit and you are going to be using a mobile device, you will need to install the “Pexip Infinity Connect App.”  To do this, just click on the link in the email invite. This will ensure you download the correct App.

3. If you are using a desktop/laptop, you will need to be using a Chrome browser.

4. At the time of your appointment, go into the email Invite and at the bottom of the email there is a blue button that states, “Start eVisit.”  Click this.

5. It will then say “Welcome to eVisit” with a blue button stating “Open my event.”  Click this.

6. If you are connecting from a mobile device, there will be a camera (you will be able to see yourself) with three circles at the bottom:

  •     Content
  •     Video (green button with camera symbol) and
  •     Voice

    You need to click on the middle GREEN video button and then wait for the Doctor to join.

7. Once you have clicked the middle GREEN video button, it will actually give you a “waiting for the conference host to join” message.

Video instructions for connecting a Video Visit.