About Us

What is a Family Health Team?

A Family Health Team is a new way of providing health care to you and your family in Ontario.  It is a team approach that brings together family doctors with other health care providers in order to coordinate the best possible care for patients.  Everyone on the team works together to meet your needs.  Their focus is on keeping you and your family healthy, not just treating you when you are sick.

When you enroll as a patient with a Family Health Team, you are taking a step to ensure that you always have ready access to health care from a family doctor and a team of health care providers.

Erin Physician Team

Dr. Meredith Barakat
Dr. Blair Cappel
Dr. Lucille Chan
Dr. Laura Daly
Dr. Kamakshi Ganesan (caring for Dr. Trangmar's practice
Dr. Nancie Parent

Rockwood Physician Team

Dr. Anam Irshad (caring for Dr. Samson's practice)
Dr. Rabia Khan, Lead Physician 
Dr. Alejandra Marin
Dr. Andrew Martin

Management Team

Kim Bell, Executive Director
Doreen Alexandris, Manager, Nursing Services
Adele Heelis, Manager, Finance
Dr. Rabia Khan, Lead Physician
Natalia Lisus, Manager, Programs and Allied Services
Barb Thomas, Manager, Office Administration

Allied Team

Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator
Registered Nurse/Diabetes Educator
Mental Health Therapists
Occupational Therapist
Registered Dietitian